Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Drainage Systems

Light Duty Gullies, Heavy Duty Gullies, Double Contained Gullies, Clean Room Gullies, Drainage Channels, Gratings for Gullies and Channels, Manhole Covers, Frames & Gratings

Stainless Steel Clean Room & Surface Protection Products

Corner guards, Bump rails, Mini Rails, Door Barriers / Kerbing, Access Doors, Rosettes & Blast Rings, Gowning Bins & Printer Cabinets, Hose Cabinets, Power Outlets & Utility Stations, Stainless Steel Windows

Sink Units & Washroom Accessories

Urinals, Water Closets, Sink Units, Hand Free Wash Stations, Hospital Sink Units, Waste Disposal Units, Washroom Accessories

Stainless Steel Civil, Structural & Other Products

Over the past years RTC has been pleased to assist our valued customers in designing, fabricating & installing specially engineered products for specific & unique applications.

Why work with us?

Our commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our business, as well as holding ISO accreditation ourselves, we ensure that all products sold by us are manufactured by ISO certified companies.

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