Siphonic Design Assistance

RTC’s Siphonic Manager Brendan Lougheed has 10 years’ experience working alongside the design team and the client to bring their vision to reality. Brendan has an impressive portfolio with a wealth of knowledge in siphonic drainage systems.

RTC has worked in partnership with Siphonix Limited for over 10 years, for Siphonix system design requirements.

Siphonix Limited comprises of a team of the most experienced siphonic drainage specialists.

Siphonix design team use a highly advanced software package that meets the requirement of BS 8490 Code of Practice for Siphonic systems.


Brendan Lougheed    Project Manager     (086) 2552071

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Our commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our business, as well as holding ISO accreditation ourselves, we ensure that all products sold by us are manufactured by ISO certified companies.

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