PVC Cladding Systems

PVC Cladding Sheets

All our cladding sheets are made of solid, rigid PVC with a protective film on one side. The outstanding features of this solid sheet made of rigid PVC include increased impact resistance and universal workability. The smooth surface is particularly well-suited for screen printing. These sheets are free of plasticisers and satisfies the requirements of DIN Standard No 7748



Glasboard is a durable, semi rigid paneling material of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin. The product exhibits high dimensional stability, toughness with excellent resistance to moisture and chemical attack.



Richmond Trading Company stock a large range of profiles such as PVC Corners, PVC Division Bars, PVC Capping Strips and PVC Angle Bars. All these profiles come in 8ft and 10ft lengths.

Another aspect to Richmond Trading Company is its supply of PVC Ceiling Planks and Profiles. The Ceiling Planks are 250mm wide x 10mm thick x 5mm long. These are installation friendly by using the tongue and groove technique. There are two types of profiles: The “H” Trim profile is used to join the planks together while the “J” Trim is used between the wall and ceiling.

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Our commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our business, as well as holding ISO accreditation ourselves, we ensure that all products sold by us are manufactured by ISO certified companies.

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