Polymer Concrete Products

RTC are distributors in Ireland for MEA polymer line drainage systems. MEA channels are suitable for all applications from special domestic type channels to specially designed layouts for large area car parks. MEA channels can cater for loadings from pedestrian to Air traffic requirements & have a large selection of different channels & gratings for each application.


For loading classes A 15 - E 600 to DIN 19 580

The above Mea Drain Channels are also available in additional widths 150mm, 200mm, 300mm

Polymer Concrete Products

The integrated frame in galvanised steel provides the best possible edge protection and forms an attractive contrast to the adjacent paving. The smooth lateral connecting surface offers an optimal joint for bordering paved surfaces.


For heavy load classes D 400 to F 900

Polymer Concrete Products MEADRAIN

Secure drainage of heavy load areas.

The importance of defining the various loading classes at an early stage to coincide with the planning of the drainage system is demonstrated more clearly in the industrial and public sector, where the movement of extremely heavy loads is involved. It goes without saying that military and air traffic sites also demand the highest degree of safety.

The heavy duty channels, MEADRAIN EN 1000, with cast ductile iron edge protection and gratings are able to withstand the heaviest loads and offer excellent integration in concrete and asphalt surfaces. The gratings are secured by 8 bolts every metre, ensuring additional maximum traffic safety.


The boltless locking system for loading classes D 400 to F 900

Polymer Concrete Products MEADRAIN PROFIX


The MEADRAIN PROFIX grating securement system offers many advantages for specifiers, planners, engineers and civil engineering professionals.

  • Quick, cost effective installation and removal of covering
  • Omni-directional installation of grating covering
  • Inserted grating, once pressed into position, remains firmly locked in place
  • Able to be opened using conventional tools
  • Long service life – as the locking mechanism lies below the load and soiling level
  • ‘Vandal-proof’ as the securing mechanism is concealed on the underside of the grating
  • Optimised inlet cross section of gratings
  • Special anti-overshoot feature for water
  • Design has been TÜV tested

Simple installation of gratings in to the MEADRAIN C 1000 Heavy Load Channel

  • Insert the grating into the channel body
  • Step on the grating to snap in the PROFIX
  • Twofold spring steel bars per grating provide secure locking

Rapid removal of cast iron gratings

  • Using conventional tools
  • Simply apply at joint between gratings and lift up
  • Remove grating


For classes D 400 to F 900 bearing high dynamic loads 

Polymer Concrete Products


MEADRAIN D 1000 / D 2000 channel systems comprise polymer concrete channel bodies with a clear width of 10.0 / 20.0 cm and integrated polymer concrete gratings, developed specially for longitudinal and transverse drainage of traffic lanes subject to heavy dynamic loads such as motorways. However, these heavy duty channel systems are also ideally suited for traffic surface drainage of military and civil airports. High safety standards are met since the grating and channel body are made from a single construction material. The dynamic loads resulting from fast-moving heavy traffic are safely absorbed and dispersed.

Where road surfaces are finished with open-pored asphalt to minimise the risk of aquaplaning, the polymer concrete gratings are produced with lateral inflow openings. Rainwater passes through the lateral openings in the channel system grating at the level of the barrier


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